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Reenactment equipment

Reenacting Essentials (Required)


1. Steel M-1 helmet with sewn-on web chin strap.

2. Fiber M-1 helmet liner with leather chin strap.

3. 1/2 inch OD helmet camouflage net.

4. M-1937 OD wool flannel shirt.

5. M-1937 OD ('mustard') wool serge trousers.

6. Trouser belt, OD or khaki with open-faced black buckle.

7. Canvas Leggings, M-1938 Dismounted.

8. Type III 'Roughout' service shoes (or Type II).

9. M-1941 Field Jacket.

10. US Rifle, .30 Caliber M-1 (Garand) with blank adapter.

11. M-1 Bayonet for M-1 Garand.

12. Sling, Leather, M1907 for the M1 Garand.

13. M-1923 or M-1937 Dismounted khaki Cartridge Belt.

14. First Aid Pouch (khaki) with Carlisle Bandage in metal tin.

15. M-1928 Haversack with Meat Can Pouch.

16. Mess Tin with eating utensils.

17. M-1910 Dismounted Canteen with Cup and Cover (khaki).

18. M-1910 Entrenching Shovel with cover.

19. M-4 Carrying Bag (only) for lightweight gas mask.


If you are just starting out, this equipment list can seem very daunting. The members of G Co. have a wealth of extra equipment items, uniforms, and weapons that a new recruit can borrow while learning reenacting and compiling their own inventory of items. Please contact us if you are interested in enlisting. We have an extensive list of sources for the equipment you need! Members are not expected to own everything in the list above at the time they join.


Optional Equipment and Gear


The following equipment is not required by the unit. New members should prioritize obtaining the items in the required list over those below.
Owning and using the following items will greatly enhance the infantry rifleman impression, and add additional comfort and safety in varying environmental conditions.


1. Tag, Identification, 2 each with chain ("Dog Tags").

2. Tent, Shelter Half, OD, with pins (5), pole (one 3-section pole) and rope.

3. Cap, Wool, Knit, M-1941 ("Jeep Cap").

4. Sweater, Wool, Button Collar, OD.

5. Overcoat, M-1939, EM.

6. Scarf, Wool.

7. Gloves, Wool, OD.

8. Raincoat, Synthetic Rubber Coated, OD, Dismounted.

9. Shovel, Entrenching, M-1943 with Cover.

10. Axe, Hand, M-1910 with Cover.

11. Pick Mattock with Cover.

12. Wire Cutters, M-1938 with Carrier.

13. Belt, Magazine, Browning Automatic Rifle, M-1937 (BAR Gunner Only).

14. Suspenders, M-1936 (BAR Gunner Only).

15. Knife, Fighting, M3 and Scabbard, M8 (BAR Gunner Only in Lieu of Bayonet, M-1).

16. Bag, Extra Ammunition.

17. Jacket, Field, Combat, M-1943.

18. Bag, Duffel, OD.

19. Carrier, Pack, M-1928 with leather strap.

20. Locker, Trunk (Footlocker).

21. Dress Uniform (see details below).

Dress Uniform


To participate in formal events and ceremonies, the combat infantryman must have the following items:

1. Cap, Garrison, OD (with or without light blue arm of service piping) and 137th Regiment Distinctive Device.

2. Necktie, Mohair, Khaki.

3. Shoes, Service, Type II.

4. Coat, Service, EM, M-1939 with Arm of Service Insignia, 35th Infantry Division Shoulder Patch, and 137th Regiment Distinctive Devices.



The Unit Authenticity Officer reserves the authority to approve all uniform and equipment items used by members of this unit. His decisions will be based on authenticity of the item, appropriateness of the item for the unit impression, and any other factors he deems relevant. Uniform and equipment decisions by the Unit Authenticity Officer are final. 


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