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Clothing Changes and Authorizations


By Dan Fullerton



August 22, 1933

  • Overseas caps resurrected for tank and mechanized cavalry units only.  All others wear campaign hat.



  • Full-length trousers introduced for field and dress purposes. Common to see National Guard units still in breeches and puttees through 1939 and into 1940.



  • EM 1939 Service Coat introduced with bi-swing back(bellows for movement). Standard wear until replaced with M1942 Service Coat (no bellows or belt hooks).



  • Overseas caps resurrected for common usage. Officers to wear hats piped in branch colors; EMs to be unpiped.


  • Enlistment stripes for those associated with National Guard units prior to federalization are to be edged in buff, not khaki or olive drab.


April 19, 1940      

  • All field and company officers ordered to wear gold and black piping. EMs to wear branch colors on overseas caps.


April 5, 1941       

  • HBT coveralls authorized for field use.  Prior to this, fatigue uniforms were two-piece blue denim suits.


Nov 10, 1941         

  • EM leather belt deleted.

  • Class A white shirt and black tie deleted.  Wool service shirt and khaki tie to be used instead.

  • Collar insignia discs for EMs discontinued.  Prior to this, national cypher to be on right collar, branch device to be on left—when service coat was not worn.

  • Parsons/M1941 Field Jackets authorized for use.

  • M1 Helmets authorized for use.


August 14, 1942      

  • Wool knit cap authorized for use with M1 helmet.


August 25, 1942      

  • Officers ordered to replace regimental distinctive insignia on overseas cap with rank insignia.


Sept 4, 1942         

  • Technical ratings of 3rd, 4th, and 5th classes were created for rank and pay purposes.


Sept 22, 1942        

  • First sergeant made equal to master sergeant grade and a third rocker added to rank patch.


Nov 26, 1942         

  • Officer’s Sam Browne belt made optional for use.

  • 1942/2nd Pattern Mackinaw authorized for use.


June 7, 1943         

  • Officer’s Sam Brown belt forbidden from use.


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