We are a civilian group of US Army reenactors from the Kansas City area dedicated to preserving the history of the 137th Infantry Regiment (Kansas National Guard) in WWII.


Our mission is not only to preserve the Regiment's history, but also to educate the public through participation in parades and ceremonies, living history displays, and battle reenactments. Additionally, the unit mission directs the membership to collect and preserve memorabilia from that era.


Our unit is made up of people with an interest in military history, militaria collectors, and those wanting to feel what it was really like to live the life of a soldier in an infantry company during World War II. Our members portray combat infantryman, medics, military police, combat engineers, mortar crewman, bazooka gunners, and machine gun crewman.


The World War II Historical Re-enactment Society and G Company, 137th Infantry Regiment are not political, religious, or

para-military organizations; nor do we permit ideologocal activities by their members. Our purpose is to keep alive the traditions of the World War II soldier, preserve the history of the 137th Infantry Regiment, and to educate the public about the unit's history.


Historically, the 137th was formed from the Kansas National Guard, and served with honor during World War II as part of the 35th (Sante Fe) Infantry Division along with Missouri and Nebraska Guardsmen in Normandy, at St. Lo, in Lorraine, the Battle of the Bulge, and in Germany. Please visit our History of the Unit page for a more detailed account.